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3 Impressive Cameras for Wildlife Photography Deborah Y. Strauss

3 Impressive Cameras for Wildlife Photography

The camera on your smartphone might take high-quality pictures, but nothing compares to the feeling of dedicating an afternoon to photography with no distractions — just you and your camera. I love taking pictures of nature, as well as the animals that grace our beautiful planet. Your ideal camera will depend on your budget, skillset […]

Dr. Yvonne Strauss Fine Art Photography

About: Dr.Yvonne Strauss Yvonne Strauss not only holds a degree in fine art, but she is also a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. Yvonne practices in both fields, and is excellent in both areas of study. The art of Yvonne Strauss consist of fine art illustration, watercolor, and photography. Yvonne works in specific subject matter in […]

Inspirational Quotes From Inspirational Artists

Deborah Y. Strauss, DVM: Inspirational Quotes… by deborahystrauss

5 Art Galleries to Check Out This Fall From Coast to Coast

From New York to Los Angeles and everything in between, here are 5 art galleries that you should be sure to check out if you end up in any of these cities during the gorgeous Fall season. Whether you’re in Boston or San Francisco, New Orleans or Detroit, St. Louis or Fort Worth, here’s your […]

A Photograph’s Worth

How can you measure the worth of a photograph? While today’s technology comes with the benefit of removing the need for physical photos, how much is lost when the image is gone? Photographs, crystal clear and captured forever, are windows into our past. And photography is more than simply pushing a button, it’s the enshrining […]

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