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Expert Tips for Removing Charcoal and Paint Stains from Fabric

Paintings and charcoal drawings can be beautiful additions to a home or office, but it’s less attractive when stray stains can be spotted all over your home and wardrobe. Here are a few tricks for when your charcoal and paint needs to be removed from fabric. Charcoal Charcoal drawings are very popular. Because of charcoal’s composition, […]


5 Most Popular Subjects for Watercolor Painting

Watercolor is an easy-to-master artistic medium that can be used in a variety of ways to create either very simplistic or extraordinarily-detailed works. There are a number of subjects that painters have captured in watercolor over the centuries, but there are certain classics that endure for a reason – they especially shine when painted with […]

Oil Painting 101 Introduction Deborah Y Strauss DVM

Oil Painting 101: An Introduction

Even artist skilled in watercolor painting and acrylics may find it difficult to master the art of oil painting. While the techniques are similar, oil painting requires a slightly different knowledge base and procedure. Know Your Materials Beginners in oil painting may be overwhelmed by all the materials you’ll need. For starters, pick your colors. […]

Possible Careers for Fine Arts Majors by Deborah Y Strauss DVM

Possible Careers for Fine Arts Majors

If you’re a fine arts major, you’re probably familiar with the old saw, “a fine arts degree plus fifty cents will get you a cup of coffee.” While the saying is not entirely accurate, it’s true that artists usually have a harder time than other professionals when it comes to earning money right out of […]

3 Impressive Cameras for Wildlife Photography Deborah Y. Strauss

3 Impressive Cameras for Wildlife Photography

The camera on your smartphone might take high-quality pictures, but nothing compares to the feeling of dedicating an afternoon to photography with no distractions — just you and your camera. I love taking pictures of nature, as well as the animals that grace our beautiful planet. Your ideal camera will depend on your budget, skillset […]

Common Mistakes Homeowners Make When Displaying Art

Is your home filled with expensive artwork from classic painters? Or do you support your creative friends by purchasing their original pieces? The total financial worth of your artwork collection is insignificant. Whether you have made it your hobby to accumulate as many pieces from renowned artists around the globe or just love displaying artwork […]

Beauty In Simplicity

There is something so enthralling about the beauty of nature. It is simplistic, yet so profound. Even the most minuscule elements of nature can inspire so much meaning within us. That is why I try to take my camera with me everywhere I travel. Nature is unpredictable and you never know when you are going […]

Dr. Yvonne Strauss Fine Art Photography

About: Dr.Yvonne Strauss Yvonne Strauss not only holds a degree in fine art, but she is also a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. Yvonne practices in both fields, and is excellent in both areas of study. The art of Yvonne Strauss consist of fine art illustration, watercolor, and photography. Yvonne works in specific subject matter in […]

Positive Psychological Effects of Art

By now you probably know that art is a huge passion of mine. We all have things that we love to immerse ourselves in. But making art can have a positive psychological effect on all of us. Here are a few reasons why: 1. Viewing art makes you happier Have you ever just looked at a […]

Inspirational Quotes From Inspirational Artists

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