How can you measure the worth of a photograph? While today’s technology comes with the benefit of removing the need for physical photos, how much is lost when the image is gone? Photographs, crystal clear and captured forever, are windows into our past. And photography is more than simply pushing a button, it’s the enshrining of life. Without the ability to preserve these intangible moments, we’re left to the mercy of memory, and the ravages of time.

Deborah Y. Strauss photography post

When asking someone what possession they’d save should their house catch fire, the answer is usually unanimous. Whether the family photo album or digital storage device, the importance of a photograph is universal. Its in those albums we preserve what’s most important to us. Our identities are laid bare amidst the many images we choose to save. An entire life story written in images, photographs are more than just pictures, they’re us.

Photography does more than allow you to enjoy memories and experiences long after their passing, it enables you to share them with others. Moments held in a photograph are immune to what so often pulls us apart. Though the paper may yellow, the faces captured within will never know age. Smiling forever, the joy captured in a photograph will stay long after the confetti has fallen.

Expression is a freedom few have the ability to exercise, but Photography makes artists of us all. How we choose to take a photo, arguably more important than what we choose to photograph, expresses our creativity and vision. Telling a story with angle and composition can bring life to a photograph, giving you greater control over what you choose to say with your image. Photography is a language of images, and expressing yourself through that language is no different than poetry.

A powerful image is capable of more than conveying a story. A photograph can reach a heart, stop someone in their tracks, or motivate change. Some of the greatest photographs taken were in the darkest places. A camera’s flash does more than illuminate, it exposes truth. A lense captures everything within its range without bias or personal motivation. This unabashed clarity has brought some of the harshest truths to the fore, enlightening all those willing to take in their message with a new perspective.

While the times may change, photography will never fade away. Capturing a moment that can be shared with family or friends long after its passing, the power in a photographer’s hands transcends the device on which it’s taken, the power to freeze a moment and keep it forever.